LBI 2019 Postponement to 8 Dec 2019

Due to recent events and circumstances in Iraq and beyond, some of our partners, as well as selected leading brands of Iraq, have suggested a postponement of the LBI 2019 Award Ceremony, originally scheduled for 27 October 2019 Sunday, for at least a few weeks. In consultation with our Advisory Board, we have re-scheduled the LBI 2019 Award Ceremony to 8 December 2019 Sunday, to be held in the same venue, Rotana Hotel Erbil, with the same programme and participants as previously announced.

Hereby, let me also announce that the sector reports will be ready on the 27th of October and sent to our customers who have ordered by purchasing the full package or the sector reports separately. The announcement of all leading brands, however, will take place on 8 December 2019, on the day of the award ceremony.