LBI 2019



       In the CARBONATED BEVERAGE category, COCA-COLA became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ and  KRI
           In the CHOCOLATE category, METRO became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI
            In the COOKING OIL category, ALDAR became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ

            In the GSM OPERATOR category, KOREK became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI

         In the HOME APPLIANCES category, LG became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ and KRI

             In the LAUNDRY DETERGENT category, ABC became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI

          In the MOBILE PHONE category, SAMSUNG became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ and KRI

            In the PAPER TOWEL category, FINE became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ
              In the PAPER TOWEL category, SELPAK became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI
            In the POWDERED MILK category, AL MUDHISH became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ
             In the POWDERED MILK category, ALTUNSA became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI
           In the QUESHTA category, KALLEH became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ and  KRI

         In the SANITARY PAD category, MOLPED became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI

             In the SHAMPOO category, DURU became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI
             In the SOAP category, DURU became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ and  KRI
          In the TEA category, AHMAD became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ
       In the TEA category, CIHAN became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI
              In the TOILET PAPER category, FINE became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ
              In the TOILET PAPER category, PAPIA became 2019 Leading Brand of KRI

            In the TOMATO PASTE category, ALTUNSA became 2019 Leading Brand of  IRAQ and  KRI

         In the TV category, LG became 2019 Leading Brand of IRAQ and KRI