What is LBI


The concept of 'brand' has a growing place in developing and transforming Iraq. The perception that "every product can be sold" which was prevalent in Iraq in the early 2000s has now led its way to an understanding that "only products with certain characteristics, i.e. brands, can be sold"

Iraqis have acquired a brand repertoire for each category.  Leading Brands Iraq is an annual brand reward project series the first of which will be conducted in 2019 in order to identify the strongest and leading brands in this repertoire to reward the winning brands and to support their growth in the market. It is directly based on customer preferences and statements determined by fieldwork. 

We consider it imperative to remind leading and runner-up brands to invest in Iraq and KRI, which will benefit both the brands and the Iraqi people. Score PR takes this responsibility and plans to annually present awards for Leading Brands Iraq.


1-Assisting and encouraging in the establishment of quality standards

2-Encouraging brands and companies to adopt responsible approaches. 

3-Helping Iraqis accessing higher quality products.